Floating Coffee Shop

We always say Jax needs to capitalize on its river more.    Here are a few creative ideas.

A winding pedestrian bridge.  This one leads to a minimalist gathering space.  What interesting floating space could ours lead to?

Pier Candentia


Or how about a floating coffee shop-  Bold Bean in the river?

Ermagherd, a floating coffee shop in Graz, Austria.

Or even a five star hotel?

This completely self sustaining hotel is in Norway, hence the snowflake design.  What would our design be?

Perhaps a movie theater would bring people downtown to the river.

Floating Movie Theater

Of course, the obvious- offices.

H2Office Design

Or a museum of any kind-

Nanda Devi, Une galerie d'art contemporain itinérante (2011) - Seine Design

A water playground could be fun for everyone.

love it ! :D

Or, gross, a floating cemetery!  It would be unique!

Project | Floating Eternity – Offshore cemetery \ BREAD studio

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