Fernandina Beach Runners Event- Hale & Hearty 7K registration open

The second Community First Hale & Hearty 7K will be in very walkable Fernandina Beach.  With a walk scale of 94, Fernandina Beach is a leader in Northeast Florida, making it an ideal place to celebrate healthy communities.

What is a walk score?  It is a measure of a community’s walkability, or how much of your daily routine can be done on foot.  It does matter.  According to the Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida, walkable neighborhoods have these benefits-

  • Residents of walkable neighborhoods weigh 6-10 lbs less
  • Walkable places make you happier and healthier
  • Short commutes reduce stress and increase community involvement
  • Cities with good public transit and access to amenities promote happiness
  • Environment: 82% of CO2 emissions are from burning fossil fuels.
  • Your feet are zero-pollution transportation machines.
  • Finances: Cars are the second largest household expense in the U.S.
  • One point of Walk Score is worth up to $3,000 of value for your property.
  • Communities: Studies show that for every 10 minutes a person spends in a daily car commute, time spent in community activities falls by 10%.

Why 7K you ask?  According to the Center for Disease Control a healthy community  initiative includes these 7 design principles:

  1. Encourage Mixed Land Use and Greater Land Density so people can Walk and Bike More Easily!
  2. Provide Good Mass Transit to Reduce the Dependence upon Automobiles!
  3. Build good pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, including sidewalks and bike paths that are safely removed from automobile traffic as well as good right of way laws and clear, easy-to-follow signage.
  4. Ensure Affordable Housing is available for people of all income levels!
  5. Create community centers where people can gather and mingle as part of their daily activities.
  6. Offer access to green space and parks.
  7. Create outlets for fresh fruits and vegetables, such as community gardens and farmers markets.

The 7K highlights these 7 design principles.  Learn more about the route and  register for the March 16th event here:

Fernandina Beach Runners Event- Hale & Hearty 7K.

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